Mission Statement:  "Morning Star Parish is a partnership of five congregations
rooted in Christ, our Morning Star, and reflecting Him in relational ministry with
one another, both within and beyond our doors."

Vision Statement:  "Morning Star Parish strives to be a welcoming community of disciples
rooted in Christ - our Morning Star, and engaged in purposeful, relational ministry through
uplifting worship, community fellowship, life-long learning, pastoral care, and service to others,
including outreach to our community and world."

2017 Morning Star Parish Council Members:
American - Alan Klefstad  (President)  & Darlene Forde (Secretary)
Pekin - Dawne Massey & Kayte Avdem (V Pres.)
Sheyenne - Mary Ann Ensrud & Larry Hoyt
Sigdal -Phyllis Haugland & Patty Anderson
Warwick - Kevin Walford & Ben Walter
Parish Treasurer - Gayle Klefstad

The next Morning Star Parish Council meeting is August 2, 2017
Please contact your council representatives for questions or comments.

August Worship Schedule &  Readings
American Lutheran, Pekin Lutheran, Sheyenne Lutheran, Sigdal Lutheran
and Warwick Lutheran Churches of
Tolna, Pekin and Warwick, North Dakota
Pastor John A. Monson
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August 13

8:00am - Sigdal
9:30am - Warwick
11:00am - American

First Reading - 1 Kings 19:9-18
Psalm 85:8-13
Second Reading -
Romans 10:5-15
Gospel - Matthew 14:22-23
August 20

8:00am  - Sheyenne
9:30am - Sigdal
11:00am - Warwick

First Reading - Isaiah 56:1, 6-8
Psalm 67
Second Reading - Romans 11:1-2a,

Gospel - Matthew 15:[10-20] 21-28
Thanks to all the Morning Star Parish volunteers who provide special music during Services and other special
worship services.    Anyone interested in joining the music group for future special music, please contact
Pastor John.
(Click on photos to enlarge)
MSP Christmas Caroling
(photos by Debbi Brude - click on photo to enlarge)
August 6

8:00am - Warwick
9:30am - American
11:00am - Sheyenne

First Reading - Isaiah 55:1-5
Psalm 145:8-9, 14-21
Second Reading - Romans 9:1-5
Gospel - Matthew 14:13-21
Pastor John
Morning Star Parish ministry team
Pastor John Monson
Bernice Heck, GIFTS Ministry
Marilee Eikom, GIFTS Ministry

The MSP All Parish Music Worship
Services will be held on the 5th Sunday
of the months that have 5 Sundays, and
they will be at American Lutheran at
9:30am.  The
2017 All Parish Music
Worship Service dates are:
Jan 29, April 30, July 30, Oct 29,
& Dec 31
August 27

8:00am - American
9:30am - Sheyenne
9:30am - Warwick Lay Service
11:00am - Sigdal

First Reading - Isaiah 51:1-6
Psalm 138
Second Reading -
Romans 12:1-8
Gospel - Matthew 16:13-20
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